Voting for the Illuvinati Council will take place HERE

For info on the elected nominees please see the below spreadsheet:

Thank you to the nominees who ran, campaigned, and stepped up for a leadership opportunity, in this important position of service to our DAO community.

Now the time…

Brightland Steppes artwork by Alexis Vynckier for Illuvium. Listen to the region theme music below!

Conjuring the vibe of an epic quest unfolding across a hostile alien planet takes a spell strengthened by the enchantment of music. It takes a sorcerer of sound to interpret the ambience and themes that drive the action of the game. The call to adventure needs to be palpable. The…

Marcel Reyes

Head of Communications at Illuvium. Writer, storyteller, message crafter, translator of the convoluted, complex and abstract.

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