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Marcel Reyes

The genesis of the Illuvium project was a desire to make a collectible NFT game that was open, transparent, and governed by the community. The community of $ILV holders will govern and maintain the protocol, via the Illuvinati Council*. It’s worth noting we have modeled the governance process on Synthetix’s governance, and had input from several Synthetix core contributors, who themselves modeled their governance on the Ethereum EIPs and early versions of change control in open-source software.

To read more on Illuvium DAO governance*, review the Whitepaper section here:

*The “eDAO” and “Illuvinati Council” is our initial governance model…

The following FAQ is meant to clarify liquidity mining and vault distributions for the $ILV protocol. Technical terms are in bold/italic, and defined in the glossary at the bottom of this post. The main function of liquidity is to further decentralise the DAO via dispersal of tokens from the Illuvium Treasury over a 3 year period. These tokens are a representation of ownership and governance of the Illuvium DAO.

Up-to-date information regarding the protocol can be found in the whitepaper.

How does governance work?

Please see the Illuvium whitepaper for detailed information on governance*.

*The “eDAO” and “Illuvinati Council” is our initial governance model…

$ILV token holders are able to stake their tokens and earn rewards from the network. Getting started is easy. Just have $ILV tokens in your Web 3 wallet, head to our staking website, follow the steps below, and you’ll be staking $ILV immediately to earn tokens or in-game currency.

What is the staking program for $ILV?

100% of in-game revenues are distributed back to stakers in the form of $ILV.

A total of 3 million $ILV tokens will be distributed over a three year period.

$ILV rewards are subject to a 12 month lockup period. sILV can be claimed and used immediately for gameplay.

What is an $ILV token?

$ILV is an…

Brightland Steppes artwork by Alexis Vynckier for Illuvium. Listen to the region theme music below!

Conjuring the vibe of an epic quest unfolding across a hostile alien planet takes a spell strengthened by the enchantment of music. It takes a sorcerer of sound to interpret the ambience and themes that drive the action of the game. The call to adventure needs to be palpable. The music must synergize with the visuals to immerse the players in a mysterious world, and give them a sense of urgency to explore it. To accomplish this, the composer combines their skill with their empathic ability to evoke moods and suspense to construct a spirit of adventure. …

Voting for the Illuvinati Council will take place HERE

This past season of governance, our inaugural Illuvinati Council* has been hard at work, and we have accomplished much as a DAO. They approved the Balancer Liquidity Pool bootstrap, and approved a motion by our investor Delphi Digital to lower the starting price to $50 to allow the community to purchase at a more favorable price. We then experienced the launch of $ILV as one of the most successful token launches by volume in Balancer history. …

Illuvium’s unique design gives us the opportunity to utilise a wholly serverless architecture. This offers universal benefits for the DAO — and “universal benefits” are what a DAO is all about. Those benefits include: seamless and infinite scaling, considerable security advantages, and significantly reduced operational costs. Illuvium is a showcase to the gaming industry of what is possible as a pioneering serverless AAA title on the Ethereum blockchain.

John Avery, Lead Server Engineer at Illuvium, has a background in designing and building backends for large financial institutions. That work always has a need to integrate and interact with a large…

Rhamphyre 4D Holo

Illuvium will be a nostalgia trigger for all lovers of RPG gaming, obsessive character and item collecting, and fans of holographic card decks. Our anonymous Art Director and lifetime expert of graphics and CGI, Von Neumann, created a proprietary process to generate Illuvium’s 4D Holographic artwork.

According to Von Neumann, what makes them so visually captivating is that: “The shaders we use for these NFTs to make them look holo are the most complex. Ever.”

Sanctum Mesa Holographic Environment Test

Von Neumann admits that the bewildering eureka moment in how he solved the technical shading process took less than 24…

Marcel Reyes

Writer | Brand strategist. Marcel crafts compelling storytelling. Illuvium core contributor culture-building, world-building, lore-writing, and marketing.

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